Extracts from some of my recent projects

27 May 2024

A few sketches. Some new generative sketches created with P5.js. Using a few techniques, including perlin noise, delaunay triangulation, poisson disk sampling and the chaikins algorithm.

2 Jan 2024

A network analysis of London bus routes. An interactive exploring the connections between bus routes in Greater London. Based on data from TFL, the visuals show the most (and least) connected routes in the capital’s transport network. Check it out here.

12 Nov 2023

A low poly interactive made with react-three/rapier. An interactive scene made from a GLTF file using react-three/rapier and use-gesture (for the touch controls). The orthographic camera makes makes the scene pop nicely. Check it out here.

21 Oct 2023

Multiplayer three.js with PartyKit. A multiplayer emoji painter made with PartyKit and three.js decal geometries. Try it out here (best enjoyed with friends) or view the server and client code on GitHub.

7 Oct 2023

Turning GLTF files into line drawings. A sketch made by sampling points from a GLTF file and then connecting them with three.js line segments.

14 Sept 2023

Twisting a cuboid with WebGL. Using a WebGL shader to contort a cuboid into a wobbly torus. Inspired by Daniel Velasquez’s newsletter issue on vertex shader displacement, and Yuri Artiukh’s article on twisted typography.

31 Aug 2023

An AI tool for data visualisation. An experimental app that wires up OpenAI’s function calling API to the World Bank’s data, allowing users to simply describe what data they want to see and create interactive dashboards in seconds.

15 Aug 2023

Nicely looping sketches created with p5.js. After reading Etienne Jacob’s fantastic article on replacement techniques, I created a few sketches based on the same idea. This is probably the one I’m most pleased with. See the code here.

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